Why Should Students Use Academic Planners?

Parents, teachers, and administrators all have different ideas about how to best educate young people; the one constant among all of these different schools of thought is a shared goal: That we give students the best chance at becoming successful.

Students with a solid foundation in organization and planning are better equipped to learn and succeed, and student planners are among the best hands-on resources for building these invaluable skills. By incorporating a planner into his or her daily life, a student will begin to internalize the ideals of responsibility, neatness, organization and punctuality in a natural and efficient way.

Recent studies have shown that good time-management and organization skills are among the habits most highly correlated with success. In a 2002 article from College Student Journal, Garavalia and Gredler point out that at the college level utilization of time-management and organizational tools is more closely linked to grade-point average and post-graduation success than are SAT scores. Extrapolating these results back to younger students, it is plain to see that the earlier our students begin to manage their time, the better off they will be in the long run.