Global Datebooks offers many options for making your planners even more useful with our line of enhancements. Like our planners, all of our enhancements are completely customizable!

Planner Corners   Hole Punches for Binder
Our planners come standard with square corners, but you have the option to add rounded corners.   We can Hole Punch your planner so it will fit into a standard 3-Ring Binder. (8.5x11 planners get 3 holes, 7x9 and 5.5x8.5 planners get 2 holes)
Hall Pass Pages   Frosted Plastic Front & Back Cover
Printed on durable 8 PT., yellow paper. Order as many sheets as you would like (2 pages per sheet, front and back).   This cover provides extra protection to keep your students’ planners looking brand new.
Bookmark / Ruler   Zipper Pouch
A great way for your students to bookmark the day as they progress through the school year.   A pouch page with a zipper on the outer edge, which safely stores pens, pencils, important papers, and anything else a student might need to hold onto.
Pocket Folder   Stickers
Give your students a place to put important papers and notes. Custom printing is available.   Stickers are a great way for your students to mark dates with different activities and reminders, or they can be set up as tabs so they can be placed on their respective months in the calendar section. We can even create custom stickers just for you!