Global Datebooks offers different cover materials and finishing options to choose from:


15 PT. with Poly Lamination (Gloss or Matte finish)

Lamination provides a thick protective layer that is very smooth, and is scratch and moisture resistant. Gloss finish gives the cover a bright and shiny look, while matte finishing gives it a duller, more subdued look.

15 PT. with Gloss UV Coating

UV Coating offers a higher amount of gloss and better printing clarity than Lamination. While UV gives the paper a durable and scratch-resistant coating, it’s not as thick as lamination and therefore more flexible.

Poly Cover (Printed)

Poly is our most durable cover material. It’s basically plastic paper, which means it doesn’t require coating and will not tear. However, Poly is more expensive than our other covers, and the print quality is not as sharp and vibrant as our coated paper covers.

Clear Poly Cover (Non-Printed)

This is a translucent cover which allows you to use a second, thinner paper cover underneath.


Create your own cover to send us or have one of our designers create a completely customized cover for you for no extra charge.

Below are some examples of covers that were submitted to us:

C12_1 C12_2 C12_3 C12_4
C12_5 C12_6 C12_7 C12_8